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Carpenter Ants Toronto

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Commercial Services


Ants can be a tough pest to battle in restaurants. Firstly, because of the food element, it can be very attractive for ants to infest a restaurant. This is unsightly and can create a negative image to potential customers. Secondly, wood boring insects like carpenter ants can be detrimental to the structure of any building

Industrial Buildings

Ants can be a frequent visitor in businesses that have shipments or receive packages.

Residential Services

Interior Services

No one wants to have ants inside their home. In addition to the stress that they emotionally can cause the homeowner, as a wood-boring pest, they can cause serious damage structurally to a home. Whether you have a detached, semi-detached, apartment or condominium unit, we have a program that will be suited to you. 

Exterior Services

Exterior services are available to protect foundations and other structural elements of your property. There can be multiple carpenter ant nests in gardens, wood piles and back yards. 

Home Protection Plan

Year-Round Protection

The Home Protection Plan gives you annual protection against more than 15 of the most common household pest including carpenter ants. It also includes seasonal pests, such as wasps and hornets, as well as year-round pests such as mice and rats.